The Emmanuel Journey

The Church Journey

Establishing the LEP

The whole concept of an Anglican/Methodist Covenant was alive in the minds of Methodist Church from the late


1970’s but sadly this failed to come to fruition. The concept was reborn in the late 1990’s when the Minister of the 


Methodist Church and the Vicar from the Anglican Church discussed a possible way forward for the two Churches


to share one building in an area ripe for mission. Many shared Worship and social events took place over the next


few years and folk began to know and value each other. 



The  Council offer to buy the Methodist Church (Salford Methodist Community Church) under a compulsory


purchase order was agreed and joint planning meetings began in earnest. In 2006 the Anglican Church


(St Ambrose) moved into the Methodist Church following a fire in their building and for a while worshiped in


a small room separate from the Methodist congregation. A series of away days ironed out the minor


difficulties and devised a way forward as it had now become apparent that both parties wanted to not only


share mission within the community but importantly wanted to become one in worship. Thus the two churches


came together as a Local Ecumenical Partnership and so the Emmanuel Church and Centre was born from the


vision of unity to Worship and serve the Community together. 



Building the Emmanuel Church, Centre & Appartments

Ministers and members of the Church laying the Foundation to the Building.

A Contract was entered into with a builder in May 2007. Later, a Legal agreement was drawn up in order to part


company with that builder and a new contract with an alternative builder was agreed in March 2008. Building work


now came to a halt and the Construction company was instructed and secured the site in March 2008 whilst


discussions took place with them to endeavour to negotiate a completion cost. The church was approached by a


new builder in October 2008. Unfortunately this builder went into administration in May 2009. A local business had


been subcontracted to complete the works in July 2009 but again, the builder went into administration in September





The Building of the Emmanuel Centre Community Hall.


A new builder then reached agreement to complete the works on an ad-hoc basis from September 2010 until


(approximately) May 2012 . From then on building work was at a standstill untill 2014.  In the early summer of 2011


the community centre was signed off by building control which meant that the Church could then move into the


Community Centre. The twenty-two appartments on the three floors above had previously been completed and


were occupied.


The twenty-two affordable appartments above the Emmanuel Centre.


In February 2013 the City Council awarded the church a Regeneration Grant of £60,000, in order to complete the


outside works including the car park. This work was completed in February 2014. During the course of completing


the outside works upper brick work problems were discovered and all safety issues were addressed. There had


been an additional storm damage which has resulted in loss of ridge tiles on the Sports Hall roof and internal


damage to the ceiling/insulation tiles. This latter was an insurance claim and repairs begin Thursday 27th February


2014. The Church  worshiped in the Community Room each Sunday. The remainder of the week a wide range of


community groups occupy the Centre which is staffed by volunteers. 



The Worship space was completed and was officially opened and dedicated on 4th July 2015. Throughout the entire


journey the churches benefited from the support of the Anglican Team and the Methodist Circuit and indeed the


District and Connexion.